About us

Anyone who ever climbs into the mountains certainly recognizes the feeling of equality between people, of togetherness, of the beauty of nature and of the joy of a delicious meal. From the pure and the almost simple luck you will be surprised when you look back on a beautiful adventure while you gaze in the flames of a fire or stare before you to the peaks in the distance ...

That is what we hope you will experience when you are a guest with us.

What we offer

We offer sporting programs at our locations: Mountainhotel Saint RochChalet AlpeLuneCamping Croque Loisirs en de 3 appartementen. The four different accommodations are located in a triangle in the Parc des Ecrins in Puy Saint Vincent, a 10-minute walk from each other. Of course they are all run with the same enthusiasm. For whatever stay you choose, we do everything to make you feel at home in the French Alps!

Why do we live here?

Simply live and live here for: A beautiful life! A beautiful life for our guests, for the people we work with, for ourselves and for the future. We have summarized all this in the five words: Together, Sport, Nature, Mountains and of course Relaxation.

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Do you have a question?

Would you like to know more about Puy Saint Vincent, what you can do or the accommodations? Send an e-mail to Jantiene, she will gladly give you a quick answer.

Contact us

    Do you have any questions? Fill in the form or send us an email on social@zerocinq.com

    Name: ZeroCinq
    Address: Les Prés 05290 Puy-St-Vincent