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Puy Saint Vincent: the ultimate home for cyclists, trail runners, winter sports enthusiasts and outdoor enthusiasts.

ZeroCinq is an initiative of an enthusiastic group of Dutch people in the Southern French Alps. We are settled in this sunny mountain village because of our passion for the mountains and being active in our great backyard. We are happy to share this passion with you!

Our village is located in the department of Hautes Alpes. It is a very mountainous environment. The lowest point is 750 above sea level and the mountain peak 'Barre des Ecrins' forms the highest point with its more than 4000 meters above sea level. With a surface of ± 5500 km², only about 140,000 people live there. The relief of les Hautes-Alpes explains the low number of inhabitants.

Parc des Ecrins is a mecca for those who love rugged nature, peace and sun, because we can enjoy 300 days of sunshine a year!

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