Puy Saint Vincent

The ultimate home for cyclists, hikers, winter sports enthusiasts and mountaineers

ZeroCinq Actif is an initiative of an enthusiastic group of Dutch people in the Southern French Alps. We are settled in this sunny mountain village because of our passion for the mountains and being active in our great backyard. We are happy to share this passion with you!

Are you looking for a nice and comfortable starting point for your holiday? Take a look at Mountainhotel Saint Roch, the luxury group chalet AlpeLune, one of the apartments in Puy Saint Vincent or the quiet mountain campsite Croque Loisirs. In all these locations you will be welcomed with the same enthusiasm for a fantastic outdoor holiday in our area.


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  • You have booked your holiday in Puy Saint Vincent and want to get inspiration for your holiday
  • You have not yet found a holiday destination, but you know you want to go to a sunny spot in the mountains where there is a lot to do


Explore the mountains. Meet friends. Feel at home.

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